Why Animate?

There are many benefits to creating an animated video:

  • You can break down or “chunk” out important concepts you want to really pay attention to.
  • You can lessen cognitive overload by reducing the non-redundant text on the screen and explain things in a more visual way.
  • You can appeal to your audience’s creativity and interest in new methods of engagement.

Would we create an animated video about a concept that cannot be reduced to a couple minutes while still maintaining clarity? No!

  • Animated videos work best with short concepts (no one wants to watch a 10 minute animated instructional video! Three minutes or less is best).
  • They also work well for process or step-based concepts.
  • Because so many are character-driven, they often act as vehicles for stories (something with a beginning and end).


Here are some articles and e-resources that may help you conceptualize the idea for your animation as well as provides an overview of why and how animations are effective:

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